We Were There

One of My Earliest Memories Still Clear Like the Vacuum of Space. From a NASA Control Room I Watched It Happen. The Smooth Whirr of Era Computers… Faces Frozen in Awe… 4,3,2,1 Contact… “The Eagle Has Landed”… Eruptions of Emotion that Shook the Walls of the World.

Moral IQ

Grand Pappy McGuffey’s Readers, “Affected the First Mass-Educated and Mass-Literate Generation in the Modern World.”,  Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Ron Powers. “, “One of My Most Important Childhood Influences.”, Industrialist Henry Ford.

Jonah’s Whale

“I’ve Been at Sea… A War at Sea… A War With No Battles… No Monuments… Only Casualities.” Ramius, The Hunt for Red October. It’s a Crazy Ivan World when you’re Living on the Eve of Destruction.

Dog Fight for the Privacy and Rights of Minors and Students

At Some Point in Our Lives We Must Stand for What We Believe In. Power Left Unchecked and Without Challenge Will Link by Link Grow and Become More Demanding and Dangerous to Our Freedoms Until One Day, Silently, the Chains of Our Bondage Will Be Complete.

Day by Day These are My Struggles For the American Ideal…

I Hope Not Alone?

Dog Fight for Privacy & Rights of Minors & Students

The Best Time to Plant a Tree Was 20 Years Ago, The Next Best Time is Today!

Chinese Proverb

“Together with All Nations We Protect both Land and Life and Hold the World in Balance.”

Hopi Motto

Sometimes there are artists where everyone knows their work but nobody knows their name. In this case my Uncle Bud was an engraver for the U.S. Mint. His artwork is on the $50.
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